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Address for donations and shipping items for use in care packages:

The Hugs Project
4449 NW 50th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: 405-651-8359

Later morning, afternoon and evening calls only please.


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  1. Shawna Ridley says:

    We are a small group looking for a place to volunteer. Our company pays us a few hours a quarter to be of service to our community and I’m looking for a place that might be able to use us for a couple of hours one day in the near future. It would be somewhere between 4-8 adult volunteers for 4 hours. Is this something you would be in need of? Thank you’

    • Karen Stark says:

      Please call me Shawna so we can work out details. Tomorrow afternoon would be good for me. 405-651-8359 Karen

    • Karen Stark says:

      We sure enough need more volunteers working between now and mid-Nov, IF we are going to be able to pack enough special Christmas care packages for our troops in Poland, Romania, Honduras, Cuba, Iraq, Kuwait and Syria (yes, you read that right). We also send to ships at sea. Can we welcome your group aboard?

      • Susan Fowler says:

        Good morning Karen,
        I am a Lifestyle Director in Florida and want to organize a group of the residents of our community to pack boxes. They are eager to volunteer from a distance. Can you help me to organize this? We have items to pack and need help with direction.
        Thank you,

  2. Evyn Norell says:

    Hi there,

    Good afternoon! My name is Evyn and I’m on the marketing team at Velvet Taco. We are so excited to be opening in North Oklahoma City on 5/1 and to be a part of the community! We wanted to reach out to learn more about The Hugs Project and to see if there is a way for us to help support your organization.

    I saw on your website that your mission is to help keep American Troops and our allies cool during the summer and warm during the winter, and I would love to chat with you about what opportunities there would be for us to partner in those areas. Are you available for a chat tomorrow or next week on Monday?

    All the best,

    • Karen Stark says:

      Please give me a call at 405-651-8359 at your convenience. I even answer on weekends. Sunday or Monday afternoons work best for me this week.

    • Karen Stark says:

      It was so nice talking to you today, Evyn. We look forward to working with Velvet Taco at your new location in OKC on Pennsylvania this week.

      If anyone is interested in some free tacos, contact me and I’ll give you more info. 405-651-8359 Karen

  3. Karen Stark says:

    No, thank you Chris. We do everything in house and no one collects a salary. This is our labor of love for those who provide freedom.

    I enjoyed waking up in freedom today. How about you?


  4. Karen Stark says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    We did have a group in Sacramento at one time but their leader has “aged out” and no one else stepped up to run group hugs. If you are interested in picking up the mantle, please contact me 405-651-8359 Karen

  5. Ally Puri says:

    A few months ago, I heard you were in need of cup donations. I have some coffee mugs I would like to donate, is there a time I can bring them by on Saturday?

  6. Alice says:

    May 17,23
    I picked up a magazine,from last year,in a doctors office and came across mention of your org.

    Is it possible to request a package go to a female marine,Air Force,navy,army individual and can I request it go to in the Ukraine??

    What’s the least expensive rate a pkg. can be sent to you,what rate do I say it is?

    What would be good to send female personnel?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Jennifer Hoover says:

    Hi I’m from PA. My church group picks a different organization each month to collect donations for. I saw your list. Could I collect things and mail them to you?

    Jenny Hoover

    • Karen Stark says:

      Hi Jennifer. Did we meet you when we were up there a couple of years ago?

      Sorry for the delay. I broke my hip, had surgery and a LOOOOOONG recovery. In fact, not close to 100% yet. We would LOVE for your church to pick The Hugs Project and do a collection drive at your church.

      I’d be happy to work with you in any way you need. I can provide a list of the most needed items, give you packing ideas to help you save postage, and even call in or zoom to visit with the folks who want to participate so that they get to hear what it will mean to those they will be helping.

      My phone number is: 405-651-8359.

  8. Rebekah Beckham says:

    I am the Troop Coordinator for American Heritage Girls Troop OK0339. I am looking for service opportunities or our troop. Our girls are ages 5 to 16 years of age and we have about 20-25 girls. Do you have anything that would be age appropriate for this age range. These can be things for any age or number of girls, the whole troop usually does not show up. We would love to partner with you in supporting our troops. Thank you for all you do.

  9. Jon Mangin says:

    I am trying to donate to you for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) but #84024 doesn’t show up in the Search for Charities? I also tried “Hugs Project” – still won’t find you. I’ve benefited from your “Hugs Packages” when I was deployed and would like to return the favor to current Deployed US Troops. Please verify your CFC # for this Next 2024 Year is valid.

  10. Karen Stark says:

    I emailed you about this. Hugs is not in the CFC this year. I could throw the agency that was supposed to take care of a lot of the forms and ads, etc. under the bus but I’m classier than that. Let’s just say, they didn’t earn what we paid them last year and we didn’t feel good about giving them another chance this year.

    For you or anyone who wants to make end-of-year donations, we promise to use your money wisely and that it will do MUCH MORE than buying seconds of an executive’s time. None of us take a salary. Never have.

    This project is a labor of love!!

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  12. Clayton says:

    Hello, thank you for all you do for people serving. I know when I was deployed, care packages like these meant the world to our team. I’m reaching out because I was hoping to do a short 5-6 question interview with someone on your team. I am a student at the University here and would like to write about your organization for an upcoming paper.
    Thank you, hope to hear back soon.

  13. Brandy Rowe says:

    Hello! My name is Brandy Rowe. I am an after-school director and coordinator for an elementary school program. We have a club called Community Club, and the students want to donate a box of snacks such as beef jerky, Little Debbies, and other goodies as well as holiday cards. I was curious how exactly this program works. Do we send you the box directly or a way to send it to troops overseas directly?

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  15. Dannielle Ewald says:

    Hi my name is Dannielle Ewald. I was wondering if you still have any volunteer positions open. My sister who passed away September 2022 was a vet. She had just retired from 20 years in the Air Force and my heart is weighing heavy. I feel like if I could do something to help our Military it would make not only my Sisters heart happy but mine as well because our Military was so important to her and to our entire family.

    I am local here in OKC and would love to volunteer if possible. Look forward to hearing from you.

  16. L R says:


    I help lead a group of scouts who would like to make some care packages to send to deployed military members this winter for one of their meetings. I am trying to find an organization to do this through. Can you help with this?

  17. Andrea says:

    My name is Andrea Thomas and I am a teacher/NJHS advisor at a small Charter School in Sebastian, FL. Our National Junior Honor Society organized a Military Care Package drive for Veterans Day because we have former students who are currently deployed overseas. Well, our school showed up in a big way. We are able to put together about 40 care packages filled with donated items. However, the shipping cost is much more than we anticipated. We are looking for organizations who might sponsor/partner with us to get these care packages sent out. We have done all the leg work, we just need help with shipping costs.
    I am reaching out to you to see if this is something your organization would be willing to do or if you know of one that would.
    Thank you.

  18. Harrison Graden says:

    Hello! I am with the 138th FAB and I would like to say thank you all the support you have shown us! But sadly we are moving locations and will not be able to recieve any more support, if you could please end support to our unit that would be great.

    I do not have service often so I will not be able to respond to emails often.

  19. Alysse Suter says:

    Thank you to all the volunteers who have sent my unit care packages over the last couple weeks! We are extremely grateful for them! I am reaching out to kindly request to stop receiving care packages at this time, as we have received many and have stocked up a reserve of snacks and supplies 🙂

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