Request a Care Package

  • Don't worry, info won't be used on your package.
  • Not asking for your MOS. Please tell us what is it you do on a daily basis you can tell a civilian without violating OPSEC?
  • We support ALL branches, even though NAVY is the best!!! LOL
  • Please make sure that your address contains EVERYTHING we need to get your package to you.
  • The reason we ask - Do you want a stocking hat if you're stationed in Kenya? How about some hot weather gear for Poland? We can figure it out from the ZIP but please save us the extra time and effort. Play nice!!
  • What state do you call home? We're "homeported" in Oklahoma. Why would a former Navy Sailor live in landlocked OK, you ask? Fell in love with an Okie gal when she wrote me a letter during the first Gulf War.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    This is so we make sure we can get your care package to you while you are still at the same location and able to receive your package. We place a "Give to Any Chaplain" sticker on each box so that if you are already on your way home, it will be distributed to someone else who might not otherwise be getting mail. Thought you would want it that way. Right?
  • If you don't have a .mil address, please don't bother asking. We're small and have limited funds so can only help US Military. Sorry.
  • Cars? Golf? Woodworking? Hunting and Fishing? Cooking? Finance? Dogs? Etc. We'll try to send you some magazines you'll enjoy.
  • What type of building - tent, hard stand building, container? Do you have electricity? Good chow? It helps us know what you might need in your box.
  • If you like Skittles better than M&Ms, let us know. If you're allergic to peanuts, this is the place for that info. If you want a Ferrari - yeah, good luck with that!!! The more info you give, the better we can design a box especially for you.
  • Our message to you - We want you to know we sure appreciate you for doing the difficult jobs your nation requests of you. THANK YOU for keeping us safe and providing our freedoms!!! Come home safely and soon. We're praying for you all!
  • We don't hear back from "over there" very often. Our members are thrilled to hear messages from you so please let us hear something from you in ^ this ^ spot or by USPS. If you send a unit patch or coin, you will receive something from us in return.

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