Request a Care Package

  • Don't worry, won't be used on your package.
  • What's your job?
  • We support ALL branches!!! Thank you!!
  • Please make sure that your address contains EVERYTHING we need to get your package to you.
  • What state do you call home?
  • This is so we make sure we can get your care package to you while you are still at the same location, and able to receive your package. We place a sticker on each box so that if you are already home, it will be given to a chaplain to distribute to someone else. Thought you would want it that way. Right?
  • Cars? Golf? Woodworking? Hunting and Fishing? Cooking? Dogs? Etc. We'll try to send you some magazines you'll like.
  • Type building i.e. tent, hard stand building, container? Electricity? Good chow?
  • We want you to know we sure appreciate you for doing the difficult jobs your nation requests of you. THANK YOU!!! Come home safely and soon. We're praying for you!

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